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U.S. citizens or permanent resident students: State residency restrictions apply. Visit our State Eligibility page to see a listing of currently eligible states.

International students are eligible to apply with a U.S. citizen or permanent resident cosigner.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Range1

  • Fixed Rates

    6.000% – 9.935%w/ optional .25% automatic debit2 discount
  • Variable Rates3

    8.120% – 11.020%w/ optional .25% automatic debit2 discount

Loan Application Process

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    Start the loan process

    Click ‘Get Started’ to pre-qualify and receive custom rates in under 3 minutes without affecting your credit score.4
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    Complete the application

    Review the loan details and complete the secure online application. (This may affect your credit score.)4
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    Upload documentation

    Upload required loan documentation to your account.
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    Customize and sign

    Review your rates, configure your loan terms, and sign loan documentation.
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    We handle the rest

    We’ll send your loan information to your school for certification. Once your loan is certified, we’ll disburse it directly to your school on their preferred date(s).
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Sample Private Loan Rates & Terms

The tables below show you how much a $10,000 private student loan would cost in different scenarios with fixed and variable interest rates. These tables include EdvestinU’s optional .25% automatic debit discount, which borrowers can enroll in upon entering repayment. Notice how a loan’s rates and terms affect the monthly payments and overall cost.

Fixed Interest Rates

Fixed interest rates effective 2/22/2024
How Much a $10,000 Private Student Loan Would Cost with Fixed Interest Rates
TermInterest RatesAnnual Percentage Rate (APR)Monthly PaymentTotal Cost of $10,000 Loan
In YearsLow – HighLow – HighLow – HighLow – High
7 Years6.00% – 10.00%6.000% – 9.207%$150.23 – $235.61$12,191.44 – $19,573.57
10 Years6.50% – 10.35%6.500% – 9.608%$116.21 – $192.69$13,501.50 – $22,713.49
15 Years6.75% – 10.60%6.750% – 9.935%$90.28 – $161.42$15,670.38 – $28,105.34

Variable Interest Rates

Variable interest rates effective 3/1/2024
How Much a $10,000 Private Student Loan Would Cost with Variable Interest Rates
TermInterest RatesAnnual Percentage Rate (APR)Monthly PaymentTotal Cost of $10,000 Loan
In YearsLow – HighLow – HighLow – HighLow – High
7 Years8.12% – 11.47%8.120% – 10.417%$160.62 – $256.69$13,028.75 – $21,316.32
10 Years8.47% – 11.72%8.470% – 10.757%$126.52 – $211.57$14,673.60 – $24,915.07
15 Years8.72% – 11.87%8.720% – 11.020%$101.80 – $179.06$17,592.29 – $31,092.45

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Our student loans are funded by a nationally recognized nonprofit provider.

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Cosigner Release

Cosigner release is available after 24 months of consecutive and on-time payments.5

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Strategic Partnerships

As a lender of private student loans, Granite Edvance Corporation has established strategic partnerships to provide you with an optimal borrowing experience. One of those partnerships includes our loan originator Campus Door who partners with Sparrow for the online loan application process.

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Tens of thousands of people have entrusted us with their student loans. Many borrowers have praised our friendly team and easy application process.

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Apr 04, 2023

We have been using EdvestinU for many years and children now and always found the process to be
smooth. They keep you informed of the progress from application to disbursement. Always helpful for
calls too!

Richard, Verified Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

EdvestinU student loans are discharged in the event of the borrower’s death.

No. There is no prepayment penalty.

No. Depending on your income and credit history, you may be eligible for this program without applying with a cosigner.

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